• One by One. This is the Key philosophy

One by One. This is the Key philosophy

One by One is the Manifesto of Key Cucine, a company attentive to contemporary design and new trends, capable of combining innovative technology with traditional craftmanship, for products of the highest quality. In the name of sustainability and respect for the environment.

One by One is the concept which best communicates our work, passion, commitment. 

Especially, One by One is the expression of what we can do well: enhance each single project with a unique personalization. 

The strength that distinguishes us is the “operational flexibility”that means the ability of industrial production to meet every need, thus allowing the maximum of customized and out-of-measure realization, so as to offer high-end compositions, resistant to time and usable in total safety.

Ability to work with lines, shapes, colours. Wide availability and masterly usage of different materials for new, creative combinations. This is the know-how which allows us to support the furniture professionals every day, by helping them transform each kitchen into an exclusive, handcrafted creation. 

One at a time.


19 / 05 / 2021