• Here are the eco materials for Key kitchen tops

Here are the eco materials for Key kitchen tops

Environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly, like the kitchens in Ecomalta

In the choice of materials for kitchen tops, Key perfectly combines visual, tactile and emotional appeal with the intrinsic qualities of the materials. Today, these experiments involve new eco-sustainable elements, selected for their ecological essence, made from recycled materials and processed to offer the highest performance with the lowest possible environmental impact.
The three ecological materials for Key kitchen tops are Paperstone, Swanstone and Ecomalta.

Paperstone: is made only from raw materials already existing in nature. In fact, Paperstone is the first material 100% made from recycled paper and cardboard. It is non-porous, totally water repellent, resistant to high temperatures, to knocks, scratches and stains.
You can find it in the Eco Kitchen in our Collection.

Swanstone: is a composite and ecological product, made with aluminium silicate, frosted and finely pulverised glass, a soy-based resin binder and a part made of recycled material.
Swanstone is a "solid surface", namely a strong and long-lasting material for kitchen tops.
Find it in the Inside Kitchen in our Collection.

Ecomalta: like Swanstone, is an ecological yet long-lasting product. It has outstanding resistance to dirt and stains, it is compact and joint free thus guaranteeing an extremely high level of hygiene and water resistance.
Kitchens in Ecomalta are tailored, modern, practical and easy to clean. Like the Surface Kitchen in our Collection.

15 / 11 / 2019