• Playing with equilibrium in modern open-space kitchens

Playing with equilibrium in modern open-space kitchens

Materials for tailor-made kitchens, perfect for open living room compositions

Interior design is a play of equilibrium: each collection is carefully modelled to suit the interiors, based on the personal taste of those who will live them, thanks to the range of material available to create tailor-made kitchens.

Keycucine kitchen models include Factory, a design marked by character: with its metal surfaces, antique woods and precious marbles, it offers a mix of industrial style ingredients that are transformed into an end result of extreme elegance.

Factory, one of the modern open-space kitchens, can be customised in finish and in details. The version with nuances in wood makes it natural, yet still elegant and contemporary, playing with materials like Pin Oak and Brushed Brown Antique Granite

It can be personalised, like in the version with kitchen top in Grey Carnico Marble (on the right) and combined with other materials such as Titanium White Liquid Metal, Old Spruce, painted Aluminium and Stainless Steel, making room for a warm, inviting environment.

The result of this play of contrasts is an absolutely modern kitchen with a touch of subtlety that seduces you right from the start.

Designer: Alessio Bassan

If our modern open-space kitchens reflect your style, contact us and we will design your tailor-made kitchen together.

16 / 09 / 2019