• Corian®, a Solid Surface material for kitchen worktops

Corian®, a Solid Surface material for kitchen worktops

Why choose Corian for kitchens

Corian® is a material for kitchen worktops that best satisfies the demands of versatility and design, an icon of architecture and interior design.
Corian for kitchens is Key Cucine’s winning choice, capable of constantly changing and adapting to newer and newer creative visions, due to its outstanding resistance, malleability and aesthetic appeal.
It can exalt the geometries of the design and provide innovative solutions, like the Y45 monolith does.
These qualities are teamed with inimitable technical features: it is extremely resistant, even to cuts, knocks, scratches and to wear and tear, remaining unaltered over the years.
That is why of all the materials for kitchen worktops, Corian® is defined as the ultimate Solid Surface, a product that is hard despite being incredibly soft to the touch.

Functional, yet above all attractive and versatile, a kitchen worktop in Corian®:

  • can be returned to its original splendour using a normal delicate abrasive detergent and an abrasive sponge;
  • has a particularly modern total-white look and yet is perfect in classic interiors, easily matched with other materials used in the kitchen layout, such as wood.

No less important is the sustainability factor: the production of Corian® complies with environmental regulations, avoiding energy waste and limiting the production of waste material. Being a non-toxic product, it is in fact used in contact with food and people and does not emit any harmful gases.
Of all the most popular kitchen top materials, Corian® is a guarantee in terms of quality and design. And it is the top choice of Key Cucine for creating designs that can freely and easily interpret the style of your kitchen area.

19 / 06 / 2019