• Soft-touch lacquer finish: velvety textures for made-to-measure kitchens

Soft-touch lacquer finish: velvety textures for made-to-measure kitchens

Kuadra, previewed at the Fuori Salone 2019, is one of the modern wooden kitchens made by Key cucine, with a brand new feature.

The exclusive soft-touch lacquer finish gives the surfaces a highly delicate touch&feel, an original feature for a kitchen. The look is naturally matte, while it gives a pleasing sensation of an extremely fine-grain surface to the touch, velvety and firm, which doesn’t show fingerprints and has a higher than average scratch resistance.

“This special soft-touch lacquer finish – comments Giuliano Sbabo – is the result of major research and experimentation. Attention to materials and innovation are part of our DNA, and with this new feature we want to amaze those who choose Key Cucine, the Veneto-based company and one of the first to launch the concept of made-to-measure kitchens on the market. We invite you to run your finger along the surface and appreciate the instant sensation you feel: the effect is like caressing a living, velvety fabric, with natural elasticity”.

This finish can be applied to the doors – made in different materials, such as honeycomb aluminium, Mdf or wood – and is achieved by way of an exclusive handcrafted process that gives a delicate texture like velvet and a matte effect that brings out the nuances of the kitchen worktop in Collemandina marble with its distinctive grey colour that shades into golden nuances with a hint of old rose.

The simple, linear design of Kuadra, this year’s kitchen design created by the Key cucine team, means you can make the most of your available space and of the variety of finishes and coordinated accessories.

With its large, central island, 4.5 metres long, Kuadra is set to become the true protagonist of your home. Be inspired by its high-impact finishes and the combination of materials that together make it one of a kind in the world of wooden Italian-made kitchens.

24 / 07 / 2019