• Trends for design kitchens in 2020

Trends for design kitchens in 2020

Discover modern open-space kitchens and the styles of the future

Design kitchens for 2020, as suggested by trends in home interiors, will be the real centre of the home, the place around which all other spaces revolve. Modern open-space kitchens  are the natural result of the open-minded lifestyle of those who live in them, making spaces more comfortable, in one single environment capable of conversing with the living room to create warmth and brightness all over the home. In this scenario, the island kitchen acts as the absolute centre of the living space: its style makes it the beating heart of the interior, evoking the beauty of professional kitchens and the focus of all domestic activities with its wide-ranging and advanced solutions.

So always smarter, and always more integrated. The design kitchens of the future will contain the highest number of elements and work areas within the same “block”, yet camouflaged, like the ventilation hood, sinks, hobs and folding doors.

The watchword for modern open-space kitchens will be multi-functionality.

The designers have adapted to new dimensions and new surfaces, focusing on the base units instead of the overhead cabinets, by increasing their average depth from the current 60 cm to 70 cm, including the drawers, to gain more space on the work top. Minimalism however rules in the various details: handles gradually disappear, in favour of new, light, dynamic and high design opening systems. Unsightly ventilation hoods will go too, reinterpreted as new furnishing elements, integrated into the hob or hanging and decorated with plants.
Hidden design kitchen solutions are also in big demand. These will become a style detail that can be revealed as required, with sliding folding-doors that can hide everything and give the idea of just a built-in cabinet.

What about materials?
The combination of different materials and experimentation with textures is one of the strengths of modern open-space kitchens in 2020: it adds dynamism to the interior, also in terms of integrating new finishes.
Wood, for example, is a must both for kitchen as well as living room furniture. It perfectly matches all colours and creates appealing contrasts with other materials, like Ecomalta and metal, which will definitely be the next stars. Ecomalta, still relatively unknown, is set to become a style icon thanks to its innovative, ecological and eco-compatible soul: it is lime, cement and resin free, and is suited both to contemporary and classic design.
Another material is metal, which gives the kitchen that sought-after, vintage look through different treatments, capable of creating a stronger or more subtle appearance.

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06 / 12 / 2019