• Y45, the monolith kitchen | Key Cucine

Y45, the monolith kitchen | Key Cucine

Can an irregular white monolith be a kitchen and, at the same time, speak the language of architecture?

Absolutely, if it's Y45 by Key Cucine.

Sculpture and design meet up in this project by Alessio Bassan, creating a new concept of the kitchen island that is much closer to art than cooking. Pure, formal volumes define this sophisticated object that thinks way outside the box and embodies the real power of Key Cucine: the knowhow to rework everyday things with innovation, beauty and functionality.

The distinguishing feature of Y45, apart from its shape, lies in its idea of solidity: the entire kitchen is made from a single block of Corian This extremely resilient material does not flake, is resistant to knocks, immune to cuts, scratches and wear and tear and stays exactly the same with every passing year. Despite being extraordinarily velvety to the touch, this is a robust product, defined as the Solid Surface par excellence

The burners and sink have been literally cut out of this monolith without spoiling its volumetric harmony. This design is made possible precisely thanks to Corian, whose exceptional resistance, malleability and pleasing aesthetics allow it to adapt to the creative visions of this Italian kitchen brand based in Vicenza.

Y45 has been conceived to inspire, to rework contemporary style, and to transmit energy to material through material. It is designed to lend substance to the creation of any living space and revolutionise everything that has come before. By Key Cucine.

30 / 11 / 2020