• System, the modern kitchen that disappears

System, the modern kitchen that disappears

An innovative idea of “invisible" modern kitchen joins the Key Cucine range.

Once again and before anyone else, the Vicenza-based brand sets architectural trends in terms of smaller spaces and meets people’s aesthetic needs with a concept as unique as it is bold.

SYSTEM is the “disappearing” project by Key Cucine in which the main body of this modern kitchen is developed in vertical columns and hidden by folding doors in Oxidised Liquid Metal with steel effect. The doors open to reveal the worktop in Fenix NTM® and lacquered interiors and close flush to create a single block and maximum essential aesthetics.

Playing with absence to enhance beauty.

Thanks to this particular space-saving system, the kitchen can be made to “appear” only when required and otherwise remains hidden inside a shell of industrial-style painted aluminium.

This idea leverages optimisation of space: functionality, aesthetic orce and design here interweave to create an unthinkable yet big-impact solution.

Minimal grows up.

25 / 08 / 2020