• Style and functionality: Key designs cabinet doors for bespoke kitchens

Style and functionality: Key designs cabinet doors for bespoke kitchens

A philosophy of beauty in every detail

When designing bespoke kitchens, the choice of the cabinet doors determines the look of the whole interior. It is so much more than a detail: the right design affects the functionality and efficiency of the entire kitchen, as well as giving space to the personal taste of its inhabitants.
That’s why each Key Cucine design is unique, literally. Because elements like cabinet doors are little details whose originality marks the difference between “a” kitchen and “your” kitchen.
Some examples?
Framed door with 15 mm profile from the Factory kitchen with the option of a personalised integrated, milled or recessed handle. It is a solution with great expressive power and elegance thanks to the titanium colour that goes perfectly hand in hand with the other elements in wood.
For the more daring, then, the 30° chamfered door is the right choice. In our Surface kitchen it is made with a grip profile and  push-pull mechanism, an interplay of volumes and surfaces in a single material monolith with the main kitchen body.
For the even more daring, there is the 45° chamfered door with 22 mm thickness from the KU45 kitchen, when design becomes the indisputable protagonist in the living area for style and impact. The door stands out for its velvet-finish materials and essential, minimalist, modern and above all functional lines.
Of major aesthetical impact also the 3 cm hollow-core sliding door, in the Artè kitchen: pure design, straight lines and simple shapes. A contemporary option for all those who like to surround themselves with perfect geometries.

Every Key Cucine collection is designed according to perfection.
From the work tops to the cabinet door handles, the tailor-made kitchens are made with almost artisanal care, and they change from one person to the next as they are designed specifically to suit personal taste in home living. It is Key’s detail philosophy, so carefully considered, eyecatching and appealing for its creativity and boldness.

21 / 01 / 2020