A preview of great success for Key Cucine, which on July the 20th has welcomed the most representative design and furniture magazines in Agape 12, to present to them the new STRIP, recently installed in its show-room in Milan.

Journalists of the most important publishers attended the event, including Abitare, AD, D di Repubblica, Ambiente Cucina, 100 Idee per Ristrutturare, Elle Decor, Grazia Casa, Interni, Living del Corriere della Sera, Interni, Magazine for Living, Pambianco Design, Collector Mag.

The designer Nevio Tellatin outlined to them the characteristics of STRIP, describing it as functional, elegant and innovative at the same time. Moreover, with its guest-facing cooking top, STRIP has specially been studied to enhance the pleasance of conviviality and to best integrate with the living room, in a harmonious combination of lines, shapes and colours.

And beyond, the new STRIP’s adaptability – as continued Tellatin – achievable with a large assortment of materials, can best express the philosophy of Key Cucine “UNA AD UNA”, by offering the maximum customization.

Talking about “UNA AD UNA”, the attention has then been focused on Key Cucine’s latest “materic collection”, there exposed together with the STRIP: a precious tool, thought for architects and interior designers, through which Key Cucine can offer all its value and experience, thus providing the home décor professionals with an opportunity to free their skills and design ability, with the guarantee of the highest quality.

At the end of the conference the STRIP has been finally proven, thereby combining the art of making a kitchen with the art of making the most of it: a well-appreciated long cocktail has been prepared and offered to the guests, wisely cared by the chef of T’à Milano Banqueting, complete with “the show-cooking of the perfect egg”. Everything exquisitely accompanied with the prestigious Foss Marai’s sparkling wines. 

Unanimous praise has been showed by the press for the latest realization of Key Cucine: refined, precious and versatile, the new STRIP can be seen as the perfect stage for hospitality and sociability.

Next appointment for all at the Fuorisalone, which will take place in Agape 12, via Statuto 12, Milan, from the 4th to the 19th of September.


03 / 08 / 2021