• "Mood Cucina" - In Brera with the design press

"Mood Cucina" - In Brera with the design press

On 28 November, Key Cucine's showroom in Milan hosted the traditional event dedicated to design journalists, whom we would like to thank for their participation. A delicious pre-Holiday atmosphere cheered up a pleasant and friendly night, where the mastery of a great chef became the expression of pure art in the kitchen.

Giuliano Sbabo led his public into a creative journey, on the lookout for inspiration, stimuli and new sensations. These contaminations, mixed with a solid experience and supported by a well-organized production structure, led to new, unique and surprising combos. Then, he talked about the creative moodboard, a powerful tool to experiment, dare, create innovative layouts. Thanks to a great passion for research, for the will to get to the top, to never surrender.

Then, speaking of news, Nevio Tellatin and Anita Brotto - two designers whom Key Cucine has started a happy and solid cooperation with - took the floor. Faced with the audience's questions, the two designers mentioned new shapes and materials being studied for the next kitchen. 

Last but not least, Chef Daniel Canzian talked about what "creating" in the kitchen means, about the importance of observing, experimenting and taking risks, while always keeping in mind our origins, our traditions linked to our customers' taste.

And then, it was finally the time to taste exclusive dishes, a magic moodboard of colours, flavours and sensations!

The entire event was framed by the poetic "Haiku", with its everlasting enchantment.

Now we are ready to think about the next Salone...

20 / 12 / 2023