• Key Cucine’s Materic Library: bringing value to dealers and partners

Key Cucine’s Materic Library: bringing value to dealers and partners

What makes Key Cucine stand out is its “Materioteca”, a sampling of materials of great richness and refinement, for virtually endless combinations that allow maximum customization in the design of kitchens, with a very high quality.

Materioteca is the asset that over time has led Key Cucine to evolve the way their compositions are conceived, freeing the architects from the models in production, placing their design at the center and thus allowing a total flexibility in the choice of materials and colours for the realization of each single project.

For this reason, today Key Cucine has decided to share its wealth of knowledge and the richness of its Materioteca, by creating a sample of 100 pieces, to be placed at the best Italian and foreign dealers.

A sort of “materic library”, a powerful and prestigious instrument with which Key Cucine brings its know-how and expertise inside its dealers’ showrooms, directly available to architects and final customers.

Thanks to this important initiative, Key Cucine affirms more and more concretely its role as a consultant, strengthening the relationship of trust with its partners and, we can say, providing them with that Key that solves any need.

So it is that Key Cucine is not only a brand but, above all, it is the philosophy that inspires the way this company works.

16 / 06 / 2021