• Precious, elegant, timeless Marble.

Precious, elegant, timeless Marble.

Marble is an absolute protagonist in Key Cucine’s Materioteca and it is the most suited material to customize and give character to its models.

And it couldn’t be different, since this natural stone has always been associated to the idea of elegance and refinement. Also, its virtues are not only aesthetic: being healthful and ecological, marble is ideal for the top of the kitchen; it is resistant overtime to scratches and shocks; it is versatile and thus perfectly adaptable to the creativity of the designer, for both classical and modern solutions. Marble is light reflecting and it can be appreciated in its different chromatic variations: white for an effect of breadth and modernity; grey or black for absolute elegance and personality; pink, brown or cream to provide style and preciousness.

All Key Cucine’s concepts of tailor-made kitchens come from a visual, tactile and emotional search and in this approach to design the contribution of marble becomes fundamental. Every kitchen has a different kind of marble, selected in order to convey a unique impression and to be well integrated with the surrounding materials, like woods or metals.

Some examples? In the Strip, the hob in Mustang Marble, an elegant brown quartzite that comes from Brazil, becomes the stage of the cook in front of his guests. In the Kuadra the hob in Collemandina Marble, precious dolomitic limestone in grey colour and white veins, is simply enchanting. In the Estivale the big central isle is realized in Black Picasso Marble, a Turkish stone of special beauty and durability, characterized by a dark background illuminated by golden veins. In the KU45 the hob in Melburne Marble is eye-catching with its sharp veins that create a lovely colour contrast. 

The marbles of Key Cucine undergo a special treatment called “acid proof”, which protects them from stains and preserves their aesthetics and brightness, for the widest performance.

Timeless elegance, endless compositions and the best results, then, with this precious and refined stone.



24 / 03 / 2022