• Key Moods for design kitchens: here are our eight new sources of inspiration

Key Moods for design kitchens: here are our eight new sources of inspiration

Introducing the new Key Moods, style solutions for design kitchens by the Vicenza-based brand, where unexpected combinations of materials give life to unprecedented visual, tactile and exciting ideas.
Eight original combinations never dared before, springing from the contemporary and exploring new expressions in materials, to exalt nature’s great power. Like the Key Moods/27, /28 and /29, which focus attention on oak or eucalyptus wood in symbiosis with Ecomalta, or with fine marbles. A solution with as strong a visual impact as it is functional in its design.
Or like Key Mood/30, whose design kitchen style is built on delicacy, conveyed by the chestnut wood and by the strength of “worn” copper and Black and Gold stone.
The combination of woods, metals and marbles is still one of the most appreciated and repeated formulas in Key Cucine’s research into materials, which offers also new strade in Canaletto walnut, Carrara marble, soft-touch lacquers and brass sheet metal in the Key Moods/31 and/32, which create unusual aesthetic veins.

Glass is the absolute protagonist of the Key Mood/33, together with brushed spruce, lacquered oak and Ceppo di Grè marble. Key Mood/34, the final style solution of the eight: here, amidst light and darker colours, the quality of the materials is surprising for the elasticity and fineness in every detail.

One step ahead of time, Key Cucine pursues its search for style and enriches its vast Showcase of materials with more and more innovative ideas and combinations. The eight new Key Moods propose new visual concepts and exalt what nature offers in all of its creative power. A long trodden pathway for the Vicenza-based brand in developing unique and original design kitchens.

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29 / 07 / 2020