• The Key Cucine code for design, styles and materials: The Key Book Materials

The Key Cucine code for design, styles and materials: The Key Book Materials

The rule of thumb in Key Cucine philosophy is: “Any kitchen project that claims to be tailor-made must be based on in-depth knowledge of design and experimentation with materials."

This is why Key Cucine has, over the years, drawn up an actual code that is found as a constant in all of its kitchens, a real DNA shared by production, innovation and continuity. Style and Material are the two paths followed back and forth into infinity, their story told in our vast Materioteca, a library of materials that is the result of years of experimentation, research and combinations of fine materials, often contrasting yet with incredible design impact.


Today, all this inestimable research is brought together in The Key Book Materials, the complete guide that breaks down, suggests, and reveals the entire chain of creation behind every Key kitchen: from architecture to interior design, prototyping and engineering, graphics, marketing and communication.

A valuable tool for all those wanting to interpret the evolution of living styles in new contemporary languages, starting with the kitchen.

The Key Book Materials is a path that covers all the value points of Key Cucine design: Style, with a big dedicated section, but also Knowhow, the Environment, Eco-materials, Safety, Care, and, above all, Customisation.
For Key, customising means tailoring a kitchen around the personality of its users, another strong point in what is called "operational flexibility", namely a production process that meets any requirement in terms of materials, shapes, compositions, and colours. This means that every kitchen becomes a unique, exclusive project, developed with artisan quality, one solution at a time.

Customisation is also synonymous with Ergonomics, an aspect covered extensively in The Key Book Materials, which suggests the best solutions for ideal modularity. And this leads into the whole world of Openings, Structures, Doors, Handles, Tops, Lighting, Living, and the many other aspects that make a kitchen truly alive and liveable.


Ahead of its time, Key Cucine explores all the potential that design has to offer and today puts its experimentation at the service of contemporaneity.
With The Key Book Materials it pays great homage to the value of design.

25 / 05 / 2020