• The identity of doors in Key modern kitchens

The identity of doors in Key modern kitchens

In modern kitchens, one element, more than any other perhaps, decides the look: doors. They come in wood, both solid and in other solutions, MDF, lacquered, stone or steel, and with a wide range of opening options to choose from: hinged, balanced, sliding, pull-out, with or without handles and so on. They can be personalised with an incredible variety of solutions to lend strong identity to any kitchen. They can be chosen to go with the worktop they support, create innovative geometry, give big visual impact to the final result. This is why Key Cucine constantly studies the perfect balance of style and practicality for the doors in all its kitchen projects. This intense research and design produces increasingly more original ideas, as is the case with KU45, Eco and Volumi, all by this Vicenza-based brand.

The volumetric purity of KU45 makes for a stunning first impression. Wood, metal and granite feature side by side in the same formal yet elegant design. Here the 22 m thick doors are cut at 45°, a solution that lends undisputed boldness to the entire perimeter, with its daring vertical groove handles modelled in a range of materials: wood veneer, to guarantee dimensional stability, MDF, metal or stone. Unique personalisation options that make Key modern kitchens inimitable.

Eco, meanwhile, embraces the idea of sustainability with all of its components, including the doors. These too are in Paperstone®, the innovative eco-friendly material made from natural, recycled paper fibres and non-petroleum based resins, with zero emissions. A 3 mm thick sheet of Paperstone® covers the 2 sides and edges of each 22 mm thick door, teaming design with environmental awareness and, at the same time, a surprising solution.

Volumi rediscovers the potential of acrylic, highly resistant to knocks and high temperatures, and offering various moulding options. Here it is used for doors in either a glossy or matt finish, with an elegant 30° cut and either postformed or edged sides. As for all the other doors in the Key Cucine family, those on Volume are fitted with a soft-close device for gentle, silent closing. All this in a thickness of just 23 mm.

In these and other modern kitchens in its collection, Key Cucine embodies the study of materials and design, right down to the smallest impact, both visual and practical. A story just waiting to be touched.

29 / 04 / 2020