• Gan House - Key Cucine with Ghiroldi Design

Gan House - Key Cucine with Ghiroldi Design

Gan House is a modern villa, converted from a typical old farmhouse, located in the green countryside around Mantua. The interiors, furnishings, and lighting are the exclusive work of Ghiroldi Design, with an intervention by Key Cucine in the creation of the custom-built kitchen. 

The house has a contemporary style with essential, geometric lines, a split-level living area and high ceilings that come from the original structure. 

The iron staircase, built to design, has a strong impact and is both a functional element and at the same time an elegant, feature point. 

A large, single space for living room and kitchen, this latter being the main feature, with its monolithic counter in Gres Laminam, “Pietra Piasentina”, with connected wooden peninsula that dialogues with the columns and creates a snack corner. The special continuous vein workmanship allows the doors on the island to practically “disappear” into the layout, resulting in an even, extremely clean-looking result. The large cabinets in smoked oak at the base of the island, fit elegantly into their surroundings, combining the aesthetic needs of the living space with the more practical requirements of the kitchen.

With the experience and support of Key Cucine, it has been possible to create a kitchen that fits seamlessly into the style of the home, offering the ideal solution for a light, airy living area with a modern, yet welcoming feel.

Project: Ghiroldi Design 
Photos by: Giuseppe Gradella



ABOUT: Ghiroldidesign and its collaboration with Key Cucine

Situated just outside Mantua, Ghiroldi Design is a store specialising in furnishing and interiors, a point of reference for quality design projects. Key Cucine is an established partner of Ghiroldi Design, thanks to many years of collaboration, guided by a mutual desire to create completely customised kitchen designs with the care and attention of the master craftsman, expertise and continued research.

23 / 11 / 2023