• Extra: When a design kitchen becomes a journey through materials

Extra: When a design kitchen becomes a journey through materials

Extra by Key Cucine is the design kitchen where experience in materials is unleashed in all of its power of expression. The Vicenza-based company can boast its ability to translate in-depth study and research into a high impact architectural design.
Extra is a veritable journey inside materials.
The kitchen area opens with the large peninsula in oxidised Oak, striking in its lightness, suspended in its beauty. A step towards the centre and the cabinet doors reveal a delicate white matt lacquering. Here, your hands can experience the soft-touch feel, where vertical lines run up to the worktop in Carrara marble-finish stoneware. The deep, grey veining, which echoes the dark mottling of the oxidised oak, dominates the entire surface. The airy, delicate stoneware, is naturally carved out to receive the sink and hob without affecting the overall harmony. While your hands trace the profiles, your gaze follows the worktop until it is captured by the light: the light of the backlit glazing in the large overhead unit. A smoked-effect glass monolith that dominates the scene, looking down from above on this explosion of contrasts between Oak, Stoneware, Steel and Stopsol.

Extra is the design kitchen where everything achieves perfect harmony, a balance between inspirations and sensations. An experience created by Key Cucine.

13 / 02 / 2020