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Key Cucine: Strip

The design kitchen becomes a stage


Key Cucine and Nevio Tellatin were inspired by stage wings for the creation of Strip, the design kitchen that becomes a stage for any cook, combining form and function, uniqueness and entertainment.

Designed for cookery performers, Strip turns the hob towards guests, enabling conversation during cooking, as if the host were an actor in a performance that teams the culinary art and the art of entertaining. American Black Walnut is the common denominator, lending regularity with patterns in its velvety colours and sophistication and style, especially to the doors with their vertical milling that gives them a luxurious refined effect.  Strip by Key Cucine dialogues seamlessly with the cooking and living areas, fusing them to make a single, perfectly balanced new room for entertaining and sharing


Nevio Tellatin

The unique detail

The hob facing the guests, the door with vertical milling and “continuous wing” effect.

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American Black Walnut, Liquid Metal, worktop in Mustang Marble