• New York, New York

New York, New York

Key Cucine’s work in 2022 in New York, during the renovations of a historical building in NoHo, Manhattan, deserves a special mention. 

The project by MQA (mqarchitecture.com) involved the recovery of an old bike factory and its transformation into a residential building for Peters Vits, entrepreneur, and his wife Zoe, a project architect, involved first-hand in the renovations. 

The clients wishes to preserve the industrial building’s original nature, whilst making it welcoming, airy and contemporary. 

Among the many international kitchen manufacturers MQ Architecture could have contacted, they chose Key Cucine for the great experience this company based in Vicenza has in flanking and supporting the projects it is involved in, and its great ability in combining the widest range of materials, through unique, unexpected yet harmonious pairings. 

Key Cucine’s intervention went well beyond the traditional kitchen area, and also extended to a wet bar inside the living area, two bookcases and a few bathroom closets and furniture. 

Both the kitchen and the wet bar feature a front island. In the main kitchen, the island, surrounded by thick panels, houses cooking equipment, allowing the cook to have visual and direct contact with their family or friends. The doors surrounding the kitchen are matte lacquered white and grey, with a wooden-finish groove handle. The two finishes don’t go unnoticed, and create a welcome surprise. In the dining table area, the island back is covered by 2 stoneware slabs.

In the wet bar area, the island overlooks a big living area, with large and comfortable armchairs, and also a nice tennis table. It comprises a display cabinet with aluminium frame, holding a Stopsol glass, paired with aluminium and wood shelves and ending in the wine cabinet. The entire structure is raised, without a plinth or legs, so as to make it light and airy. 

In the house renovation project, there is also a massive closet made by a long set of lacquered columns with wooden handle. 

Credits: https://mqarchitecture.com 

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Photography: William Mulvihill


27 / 05 / 2023