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Key Cucine: TWINS

Twins is the name of Key Cucine's 2022 proposal, the result of the successful and well-established collaboration with designer Nevio Tellatin.


Minimal and contemporary, Twins fully expresses that attention to detail that lies at the heart of the production philosophy of Key Cucine, a company capable of sophisticated choices, constantly searching for productive innovation and qualitative excellence.

The composition is characterised by the presence of two large central islands, parallel and identical in size. The islands emphasise and separate the fundamental functions present in all kitchens: those linked to the use of water and those linked to the use of fire. The latter, in particular, in the spirit of maximum conviviality between the cook and the diners, includes a portion equipped with seats, perfect for eating in direct contact with the cook.



Nevio Tellatin

Unique detail

A note of technical excellence and great aesthetic impact in Twins is represented by the system created between the doors and the top of the two islands: the doors in fact open from above and surmount the top, and the two elements in the closed position match perfectly, giving the islands a compact and extremely elegant effect.

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Tiffany Quartzite, Heat-treated Oak Wood, Aluminium with powder coating